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Covid-19 Policies

Rival Youth Lacrosse Covid-19 Policies

Our organization is cautiously optimistic that we can return to lacrosse activities during the current pandemic, provided that our players, parents and coaches adhere to health guidelines suggested by medical experts. Here at RIVAL we wish to put the welfare of your child and your family first. We are continually consulting school, health and government officials to help us guide our decisions regarding the pandemic, and we reserve the right to alter play as needed to reflect the current health environment in our area.

Failure of players, parents and coaches to comply with these policies can result in dismissal from the premises that day, or from our program.

Click to be taken to the current NCDHHS Covid-19 Dashboard

  1. We will have a tight schedule each day, so players are asked to arrive on time for each session so that we don't overlap into the following session.
  2. Players will be placed into cohorts/pods (groups of players) for the duration of each session, and will remain with their designated groups for each following session through the spring. Details on this will follow at a later date.
  3. Upon arrival at the playing site, players are asked to put on their equipment ("get dressed") at the vehicle they arrived in. Do not bring an equipment bag to the sideline, nor should you get dressed on the sideline.
    • You are permitted (and strongly encouraged) to bring a water bottle to the sidelines, provided that you do not share your water with anyone else. Players should write their name on their water bottle.
  4. Once you exit your vehicle, players, parents/guardians and coaches must wear a facemask. Parents/guardians are required to remain at their vehicles until temperature checks have been completed.
    • Players and coaches will take the field once temperature checks are completed.
    • At this point parents/guardians can drive away and return at the end of the session to pick up players if they like. Or they can remain at their vehicle until the end of the session.
  5. Attendance will be taken each session to allow for contact tracing if/when needed. 
  6. All players and coaches are to wear masks at all times, in accordance with current NC government mandates. There is no longer an exercise exception.  (updated as of 24 Jan 2021)
    • Boys are strongly recommended to utilize a transparent face shield that is attached to the outside of their helmets. Shields can be purchased at this link (click here).
  7. Rental equipment will not be available for our players this fall.
    • If you rented equipment from RIVAL this past spring you may continue to use it this fall for the instructional program, free of additional charge.
  8. In the event that any player, their sibling or parent/guardian tests positive for Covid-19, you should contact your county health department immediately. The county will manage any contact tracing, and RIVAL will partner with them on any follow up activities as required.